2020 Event
High Point Monument, southern terminus of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail

It’s with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of the 2020 Shawangunk Ridge Trail race.  The event has a long planning cycle, with 13 different permits, and at this time we don't have confidence in our ability to secure them all.  Even if permits are issued, social distancing protocols would very likely need to be followed, adding many logistical challenges to what is already a complex event.  Further, the unsupported format requires a major volunteer operation, and we feel that it's premature to ask people to commit when they may presently be dealing with other issues.  

However, that being said, we are excited about holding the SRT Run in 2021, and look forward to seeing all of you there!  

Additionally, we have some news to share:  we are converting our organization to a not-for-profit 501(c)3 called Run Wild, Inc.  Run Wild's purpose is to organize local running races and use the funds raised to support land preservation in the Hudson Valley and beyond.  All funds from the SRT Run will now go to this cause.

Please watch your inbox for an email from UltraSignup, which will give you 3 options for the 2020 SRT:
- Refund of your registration fees and bus ticket
- Deferral to 2021
- Contribute your registration fees to Run Wild

Thanks for your understanding.  We wish you a happy return to racing as soon as conditions allow.  In the meantime, we invite you to come out and visit the Shawangunk Mountains and explore the SRT.  

Ken Posner & Todd Jennings
Run Wild, Inc.

Welcome to the Shawangunk Ridge Trail Run

The Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT) is a 70-mile hiking trail that traverses the entire length of the Shawangunk Mountains, from High Point State Park in New Jersey, where the SRT intersects the Appalachian Trail, all the way to the town of Rosendale, New York, where the trail ends just beyond a restored railroad trestle 140 feet above the Rondout Creek.  Along the way, the SRT passes through rolling hills, wetlands, rare dwarf pine barrens, sky lakes, waterfalls, and the distinctive white conglomerate cliffs of the Shawangunk mountains uplifted almost three hundred million years ago.  From vantage points in these mountains, some 2,000 feet above the Hudson Valley, you’ll experience views that cover five states and reach more than 100 miles on a clear day. Because of its scenic beauty and rare ecosystems, the Nature Conservancy has identified this ridge as “one of Earth’s last great places.”

We created this event to celebrate the preservation of the Shawangunks, or the “Gunks” as they are also called, and to encourage people to come out and experience their natural beauty. 

  • ​Magical trail across rugged mountainous terrain, rare environment, spectacular views

  • Point to point traverse

  • Adventurous "minimalist" unsupported format

  • Generous cut-offs in the 30-mile and Half Marathon for runners and fit hikers

  • 70-mile and 50-mile races are appropriate only for experienced trail runners with a solid base

  • Festive finish line with food & drink, music, t-shirts, finishers medals, ceremonial tomahawk awards for first place male and female in each division

Schedule of Events

70 Mile
Race start: 6:30pm or 8:00pm, Friday, Sep 11th, 2020 
Start Location: High Point Monument, High Point State Park, NJ
Shuttle bus leaves muni lot behind Rosendale Theater: 4:30pm 

50 Mile
Race start: 6:00am, Saturday, Sep 12th, 2020 
Start Location: DEC Boat Launch, South Rd, Wurtsboro, NY 
Shuttle bus leaves muni lot behind Rosendale Theater: 4:25am

30 Mile
Race start: 9:00am, Saturday, Sep 12th, 2020
Start Location: Sam's Point Preserve Visitors Center, Cragsmoor, NY 
Shuttle bus leaves Binnewater parking area: 7:45am 

Half Marathon
Race start: 10:30am, Saturday, Sep 12th, 2020 
Start Location: Peter's Kill Area, Minnewaska State Park 
Shuttle bus leaves Binnewater parking area: 9:35am 

Please note:  there are no packets to pick up. Race bibs will be handed out before you board the bus or at your race start (if you get dropped off there instead of taking the bus).  T-shirts will be available at the finish line.



70-milers who reach checkpoint #3 (Route 52) before 5:00 AM will be held

up and released at 5:00 AM, with any waiting time deducted from their

finishing time.

  • 70 and 50-milers must pass checkpoint #3 (Route 52) by 11:30am

  • 70, 50, and 30-milers must pass checkpoint #4 (Jenny Lane/Rt 44-55) by 4:30pm

  • All participants must pass checkpoint #5 (Coxing Kill parking area) by 6:30pm

  • All participants must pass checkpoint #6 (Spring Farm) by 8:30pm

The race concludes at 12:00am (midnight), which is the final cutoff for all distances.



There are a couple of interactive course maps which will allow you to see your position relative to the SRT at any time, and cellphone coverage is not required.  The apps are simple to use, but make sure to familiarize yourself with them prior to the race, and you must of course manage your phone's battery power (extra batteries or a charger is highly recommended). 


  • Online map showing start points, finish, checkpoint locations, and elevation profile is available HERE.

  • Or in the AllTrails phone app, search for and load the "SRT"


A GPX file is available upon request.

Warning: Minimalist Format

The event has multiple checkpoints to ensure participant safety, but it is unsupported. You must therefore bring your own food and water filter (or other water purification technology), change of clothes, navigation tools, etc.

The trail is well blazed, and key intersections are marked with the SRT disk, but there will be no supplemental race markings. Runners in particular must pay attention to blazes to avoid missing a turn. No special navigational skills are required beyond the ability to follow blazes, and if necessary, refer to a map.  To simplify navigation, we suggest you utilize the following tools:


  • The Trail Conference provides a free map app for your Android or iPhone which allows you to see your position relative to the SRT at any time, and cellphone coverage is not required.  Once you've downloaded the app, search for the free "SRT Run/Hike 2018" map.  The app is simple to use, but make sure to familiarize yourself with it prior to the race, and you must of course manage your phone's battery power (extra batteries or a charger are recommended) and waterproof your device    in case of rain. 

                                             Be advised this is a rugged hiking trail that traverses a wide

                                        variety of terrain. Some sections are rocky, with difficult

                                        footing, squeezes, or scrambles.

                                        No pacers, no support crew, no drop bags, no resupply

                                        caches allowed.  Carry it in, carry it out.



  • Distinctive SRT shirts for all registered participants

  • Unique medals for all finishers 

  • Special "barefoot" pin for runners wearing sandals, Vibram Five Fingers, or who barefoot it

  • Completion certificates for 70-mile finishers

First place male and female finishers in each division receive a ceremonial tomahawk as a symbol of fitness and connection to the land, and as a tribute to the explorers, hunters, scouts, Rangers, and Native Americans who moved through the wilderness without aid or support in times gone by.



All race parking is at the finish in Rosendale. 70-mile and 50-milers will park at in the municipal lot behind the Rosendale Theater (near Joppenburgh Mountain trail head). 30-milers and Half Marathoners will park at the Binnewater Kiln. See the "Schedule of Events" section above for GPS links to these locations.

Parking at the start points is strongly discouraged due to limited space and hours. NOTE: We do not provide any post-race transportation from the finish line back to any of the start points.

We provide shuttle buses from the finish line to each division's start point.  You may purchase a shuttle ticket for $15 during the registration process.  To avoid this cost, you are welcome to be be dropped off at the start by a friend.  If your plans change and you need to purchase a shuttle ticket after you've already registered, you can do so by returning to the UltraSignup registration page and clicking on the Store (shopping cart) icon.



Sorry, there are no refunds due to cancellations, and no deferrals or transfers.


Optional Donations to NY-NJ Trail Conference

As part of the registration process, please consider making an optional donation to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the not-for-profit organization which created the Shawangunk Ridge Trail, and whose volunteers maintain the SRT and 2,100+ miles of other trails in the Hudson Valley. If you love trails, you should get involved in and support this organization!



Course Records

70 Mile    

Male - Ben Leese, 16:28:16 (2019), Female - Melanie Mueller, 23:15:00 (2016)

50 Mile    

Male - Przemyslaw Strokon,11:29:32 (2019), Female - Joanna Mrowka, 13:47:54 (2019)

30 Mile    

Male - Jake Stookey, 4:25:11 (2019), Female - Catherine Ziemendorf, 6:51:00 (2016)

Half Marathon   

Male - Daichi Inoue,1:56:37 (2018), Female - Toni Schwarz, 2:38:33 (2018)    


Results, Photos and Race Reports

2019 RESULTS   70M   50M  30M  Half
Race Director's Report  Race Report by 70-mile winner Ben Leese   Race Report by 70-mile finisher Jessica Velez  Race Report by 30-mile winner Jake Stookey 
Photos by Tom Bushey   Photos by Steve Aaron: Roosa Gap Tower  Castle Point  Minnewaska  Finish Area    

2018 RESULTS   70M   50M  30M  Half

Race Director's Report  Race Report by 70-mile winner Andrew Wilkens   Race Report by 70-mile winner Jaime Peca  70-mile Race Report by Ben Leese   30-mile Race Report by Bill Hoffman

30-mile Race Report by Jake Stookey  30-mile Race Report by Tom Dils  

Photos by Tom Bushey   Photos by Steve Aaron    

2017 RESULTS   70M   50M  30M  Half

2017 Race Director's Report   2017 Photos from Tom Bushey
Race Report by 70-mile winner Time Ela  Race Report by Bill Hoffman Race Report by Jake Stookey   Race Report by Shawn Bubany   Race Report by Su Mittra   Race Report by Jean Marie  Race Report by Zack Price  

   70M   50M  30M  Half
2016 Race Director's Report  Race Report by Alan Davidson  Race Report by Joey Rollins  Race Repot by Jeffery Hayes

2015 Results   2015 Race Director's Report  Race Report by Kevin Russell

2014 Results   

Where to Stay

The following link from our friends at Mohonk Preserve includes suggested places to stay:  where to stay

Event Sponsors

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Tom Bushey Photography

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